Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Dodge Charger's Winning Product Placement in 'Fast Five'

The prominent role played by the Dodge Charger in the Fast Five movie is the ‘product placement of the year’ according to brandchannel. The car is the star of the film, featuring in numerous chase and race scenes, and this should pay off for the company, with audiences’ new car purchase subtly influenced by impressive and enticing motoring on the big screen.

Alongside perfect placement, with the car complimenting the action and not standing out awkwardly like many products do, Dodge also has a large number of supporting marketing tie-ins. There is a detailed microsite, behind-the-scenes videos and interviews (see below), a competition to win a ‘Fast Five Edition’ Charger, Fast Five merchandise available from the Dodge online store, and a “Car Chases Make Movies Better” TV commercial. This multi-tiered campaign shows that Dodge has put in a lot of effort and they are sure to be rewarded. Movie studio Universal Pictures are also pleased with the partnership:
We’re happy that Dodge has leveraged this organic integration to become the largest promotional partner the film franchise has ever seen. It is a natural fit between one of the great American car companies and the latest chapter in the best driving/action film series of all time.

Dodge – Fast Five
[via brandchannel]

[Written for PSFK. Article originally posted here]

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