Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Social Film Experience 'Inside' Lets You Get In On The Action

Get ready for a new kind of movie experience. Inside lets you get involved and influence the events using various forms of social media. Presented by Intel and Toshiba, directed by DJ Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) and starring Emmy Rossum, the film follows a young woman trapped inside a room. She has a laptop and viewers can interact with her via Facebook and Twitter to offer suggestions and try to help her escape.

Audtions are also invited from anyone who would like to appear in the film. Budding actors need to record and upload an audition to YouTube after reading through the set of guidelines. The deadline for submissions is July 20th. The website for the film states:
This is a completely new genre of Hollywood-class entertainment where the audience can play as much of a role as the A-list talent and actors. Using social media you can interact with characters in real time, affect the plot, and possibly earn a featured cameo alongside Emmy Rossum in the final film.
The event starts on July 25th at 2pm EST. Here’s the official trailer for the movie:

The Inside Experience

[Written for PSFK. Article originally posted here]


  1. what exactly is this movie? is it an online movie or a real film? they don't make it very clear. and what does the winner get to do?

  2. It's a live online film that viewers can interact with using social media. The person whose audition they liked the most gets to appear in the film. More info here if you need it:


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