Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Blade Runner Revisited

François Vautier‘s tribute to Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner was created by extracting 167,819 frames from the final cut and then assembling all of the images into one huge picture with a resolution of 3.6 gigapixels. The filmmaker, who also brought us the five-year time-lapse video Ants In My Scanner, put together this experimental film showing the view from a virtual camera as it passes over the picture. The relative movement of the camera creates an illusion of animation (a kind of zoetrope effect) because although there is only one image, it looks like there are many.

BLADE RUNNER revisited >3.6 gigapixels from françois vautier on Vimeo.

François Vautier

[Written for PSFK. Article originally posted here]


  1. Wow, that is really cool. I want it on my wall.

  2. Fantastic! Blade Runner is possibly my favourite film (I did a massive blog entry on it lol). This is such a beautiful way of capturing it's mysterious and dystopian atmosphere. Thank you for showing me this! x


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