Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Weird [30/03/11]

Bringing you recent movie news stories that caught my eye for different reasons. 

The Good:

As many of you will no doubt be aware, I am a fan of the immensely talented and entertaining Mr. Gary Oldman. I'd even go so far as to say he's my favourite actor. So I was delighted to hear that he had been honoured at the Empire Movie Awards, being named Empire Icon.

Colin Firth presented him with his award, stating "He is as far as I’m concerned a very strong candidate for the world’s best living actor.” Well said sir!

Source: Empire

The Bad:

I was sad to hear that the legendary star and icon Elizabeth Taylor had passed away, due to heart failure, at the age of 79. Taylor has such a luminous screen presence when you watch her movies. She won two Best Actress Oscars, for BUtterfield 8 and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Her most iconic role was in Cleopatra in 1963. This marked the first screen pairing of her and future husband Richard Burton. They had an affair on set, sparking a scandal, and later went on to make 11 more films together.

Source: Total Film

The Weird:

The title of this movie news story filled me with dread: "A sexy, young, American Miss Marple" - ugh! Why oh why is this happening? Miss Marple is a nosy old woman who solves murder mysteries for the incompetent local police force. Drastic changes are being made to update the character for a Disney film.

Jennifer Garner is set to star as the young Jane Marple. I've got nothing against her, thought she was awesome in J.J. Abram's TV series Alias. Sure, give her a role in a crime thriller or something, but why do they have to call her Miss Marple? They're basically changing everything about Agatha Christie's 'detective' anyway, just write something new! Oh right, everyone seems incapable of doing that at the moment.

Source: Dark Horizons

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