Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lately I've been distracted by... NES-style movie stills, a Captain Kirk arm wrestle, hand-drawn movie posters, and more!

More articles, photos, videos, and shiny things that have distracted me while I probably should have been dong something more important:

Andy Helms has some great 8bit artwork on his tumblr:
Here's one for Inception:

Empire brings us the most awesome training montages in cinema history:

This Zombies, Robots and Aliens venn diagram shows you where you stand with them:

Great video essay on viewing modes and mise en scene:

Total Film lists the 50 coolest Brit flicks:

William Shatner and Chris Pine take part in an epic Captain Kirk arm wrestling match:

Total Film shows off 30 of the best hand-drawn movie posters:

Nerdoh has a new t-shirt inspired by The Fifth Element, which references Bruce Willis' character Korben Dallas and his job as a driver for Zorg's cab company:

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