Monday, 9 January 2012

The Oscars 2012 trailer

The official trailer has been released for the 84th Academy Awards, which is being held on February 26th. "Off the Grid" features William Fichtner sending Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox on a mission to find a mysterious person known as "The Host". Once they track him down, they open a briefcase to reveal an Oscar statue and Fox says "We come to you on behalf of an old friend". The trailer also features Vinnie Jones, Robin Williams and this year's host, Billy Crystal:


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  1. I loved this trailer. I've also been a bit Vinnie Jones mad recently, so I laughed so much to see him in there! Fingers crossed I'll get to watch the coverage this year ((though I have a feeling I'll be at uni :( )

  2. This trailer is far too forced, but I have enough confidence in Crystal's comedy to think he'll do a good job. Nice to have him back.
    Tell you what though - if I were in charge of the show I would have tried for Seinfeld as host or the Muppets

  3. Hi! I love the trailer and this blog too....following via gfc now. :)


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