Friday, 18 February 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Weird [18/02/11]

Bringing you recent movie news stories that caught my eye for different reasons. 

The Good:

As the first blogathon on my blog was on Philip K. Dick movie adaptations, it's pretty obvious I'm a fan. So, news this week that Michel Gondry is going to be adapting and directing Ubik, one of Dick's most acclaimed novels, is exciting stuff for me.

Gondry should be used to head-spinning stories after directing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep so I think he'd do a pretty good job. It has also been stated that the screenplay will remain loyal to the original text, although that will remain to be seen, as most of Philip K. Dick's works get a lot of alterations when transferred to the big screen.

Source: Collider  

The Bad:

Is it just me or does this sentence from Screen Rant sound like a menacing threat?: "Bay and his Platinum Dunes production company have evidently been courting Lautner pretty aggressively for some time now, and it looks like a Bay/Lautner team-up is officially upon us."

Apparently, the pair sent out a script to all the major studios, which has sparked a bidding war. What is the film about? Well, insiders have said it's Mr & Mrs Smith meets Wanted...yeah, because those two films were both great (not).

Expect lots of explosions, a weak story and Lautner taking his top off a lot to please his Twilight fanbase.

Source: Screen Rant  

The Weird:

Last week, someone tweeted to the mayor of Detroit that the city should have a statue of Robocop. He politely said there were no plans to erect such a statue but then there was such an amazing amount of support for it that a campaign was created to collect donations.

In just one week $50,000 was raised and now a 7 foot tall statue of the mighty Robocop is imminent! Next up, every city that has a movie character linked to it should get its own statue.

Source: /Film


  1. I think Gondry could definitely make something interesting out of a Philip K.Dick novel.
    That Lautner/Bay news is terrible, but hardly very surprising.
    And that Robocop statue sounds awesome, it would be cool if all cities followed suit and erected statues of famous film characters...

  2. A film starring Taylor Lautner produced by Michael Bay.

    Yeah, that will hella-suck and it will probably make a lot of money. I hate those idiots.

  3. What's next...a Scarface statue in Miami?


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