Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My 5 favourite... Movie t-shirt websites

So, it's the festive season, and one of my favourite gifts to receive is definitely a movie-inspired t-shirt. There are some great ones about at the moment and I seem to be building up quite a collection. Here are my 5 favourite websites that sell awesome movie t-shirts;
Last Exit To Nowhere (http://www.lastexittonowhere.com/) This website creates "unique T-shirts that pay homage to the most memorable places, companies and corporations in cinema history." My current favourite is this Weyland-Yutani design, which goes very nicely with my new Alien Anthology on blu-ray.

Dark Bunny Tees (http://www.darkbunnytees.com/index.html) This guy does some amazing limited edition movie t-shirts. His mission is "to find something in my favourite movies that I could put my own spin on." I'm really looking forward to this Inception design, due out in January.

Wake Up Time To Die (http://www.wakeuptimetodie.co.uk/index.asp) These guys win the best name competition with a Blade Runner quote. Their t-shirts are "based on fictional companies, corporations, places, people, and events, all from some of your favourite movies of days gone by." I absolutely love this Die Hard-inspired t-shirt.

8ball (http://www.8ball.co.uk/) This website has a vast array of music, tv and movie-related merchandise. You'll be spoilt for choice! I really like this Off-World Colonies t-shirt inspired by Blade Runner.

Nerdoh (http://www.nerdoh.co.uk/) Nerdoh boasts a great range of movie t-shirts and "creeps into the fictional realms of movie corporations, places and subtle references only the avid fan will know." This Zombieland t-shirt with the list of rules printed on the back is my favourite of theirs at the moment.

So those are my 5 favourite. There are many more to browse too, just do a google search of some of your favourite movies and chances are there'll be an awesome t-shirt relating to them.

What are your favourites? Have you discovered any cool t-shirt designs you'd like to share? Drop me a comment.


  1. I think Nerdoh are definately the best!! ;) hehe
    ...we have a couple of new ones too...
    Reservoir Dogs...K-Billy’s Super Sounds of the 70s
    Zombie - Eat Flesh
    Hostel - Elite Hunting
    We love the blog too!!
    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Hmm, are you sure you're not biased? No? OK then ;)
    Keep up the good work guys, your tees are ace!


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