Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Indie Songwriter Releases Album About Movies

Henning Goes to the Movies is a concept album recorded and produced by New England songwriter Henning Ohlenbusch at Rub Wrongways records. The album features nine songs, each written about a different film: Joe Versus the Volcano, The Straight Story, Poltergeist, The Year my Voice Broke, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Logan's Run, Superbad, Amelie, and Meatballs

The songs describe how the films have impacted Henning and the memories they've left him with. The indie songwriter sings all of the parts and plays all of the instruments except for the drums on Amelie (Brian Marchese). He has a conversational, relaxed style and the songs are melodic and melancholic. The gentle tunes often feature a strumming acoustic guitar and the lines remind you of events in the films. From the haunting Poltergeist: "Lightning flashes shadows on my bedroom wall...feels like the thunder is looking for me", to the lyrics of Amelie: "My apartment might seem real tragic. I'm sitting here scheming secretly, part of me dreaming this magic might find its way back to me."

Henning Goes to the Movies is an enjoyable listen even if you haven't seen the films he sings about. If you have, they lead you on a journey, causing you to remember the film and identify with the mood and spirit of the tracks. Henning writes on the back of the album:
"Like everything in life, movies are experienced differently by each viewer. On this record, I tried to express in music how these nine films impacted me personally. At the outset, I established one rule: I was not allowed to revisit a film until I composed and recorded the song that it inspired me to write. In this way, I hope that each piece genuinely conveys the ways in which each movie has stuck with me throughout the years."
Henning Goes to the Movies

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