Friday, 14 October 2011

Artist Launches 'Film' Exhibition at the Tate Modern

"I've turned the Turbine Hall into a strip of film," said British artist Tacita Dean as she unveiled her exhibition at Tate Modern this week. The piece, entitled Film, is an 11-minute silent film that celebrates 35mm filmmaking and features images of snails, bubbles, balloons, clocks and fountains. The looped film is projected onto a 13 metre high monolith and looks like a filmstrip, with sprocket holes down each side.

Dean's exhibition was commissioned as part of the Unilever series. She created it using classic in-camera and studio techniques like double exposure, superimpositions and glass-matte painting, even hand-tinting some of the images herself. It runs until 11 March 2012 in the Turbine Hall, and admission is free.

Via: BBC News

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