Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Film articles

Last month I applied to become a contributing writer on Suite 101. I wanted a site where I could join a community of writers, develop my skills and write articles about subjects I really enjoy.

I was accepted, and have submitted a couple of articles so far. I will post links to any film-related articles I write for Suite 101 here.

My first article was: Tom Hooper: a Short  Biography of the Oscar-Winning Director. It explores The King's Speech director's life and career leading up to his Oscar win for Best Achievement in Directing.

My second article was: Harry Potter: a Success Story for British Film. This examines the Harry Potter film franchise's triumph and the impact it has had on the British film industry.


  1. Nice work! I have been sadly absent lately - godammit uni! However, documentary studies is a rather fun course and I now can't see a doco without questioning it's representation of reality, haha.

  2. Will definitely check them out :) I write for Suite101 too: http://www.suite101.com/writer_articles.cfm/emmafarley

  3. Thanks girlies, Ruth docu studies sounds like a really interesting subject & Em I will check out your articles too :)

  4. Great article. I just read the book The King's Speech and hope to see the movie soon.


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