Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Saturday Screen Shot #1

Welcome to a new feature, which does exactly what the title suggests! On a Saturday (maybe not every week but I'll try to keep it regular) I will pick a shot that I like and comment on it. It's a simple idea that I hope will remind you of classic moments from the movies, as well as introducing you to some ones you may have missed. So here's this week's Screen Shot;

Shot from the Screen: Jaws

Screenshot: Chief Brody on the beach at Amity Island, with his wife trying to relax him, and a look of horror on his face

Shot from the Scene: This is the moment Brody realises that young Alex has been the victim of a vicious shark attack. The tension has been building up throughout the scene, with people falsely alarming him by screaming and others blocking his view of the sea or distracting him. It is also the moment after the camera has tracked forward, whilst simultaneously zooming out - a powerful and unsettling cinematic effect that changes the field of vision and gives the audience a sense of the internal turmoil of the character (this dolly zoom was invented by camera-man Irmin Roberts and pioneered by Hitchcock in Vertigo)

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