Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Philip K. Dick blogathon conclusion

So, I've come to the end of the Philip K. Dick blogathon. I had fun watching the movie adaptations of his work, some I was seeing for the first time and some I had seen countless times before. 

Here is the list of films and the ratings:
Blade Runner - 5/5
Minority Report - 4/5
Total Recall - 3½/5 
A Scanner Darkly - 3½/5 
Screamers - 3½/5
Impostor - 3/5
Next - 2½/5
Paycheck - 2/5

I also enjoyed reading the original stories from which the films had drawn inspiration or been adapted from. This was an interesting element as it gave me the opportunity to not only review the films but compare them to their source material.

As for future projects, I look forward to watching the forthcoming movie The Adjustment Bureau and am curious about the remake of Total Recall. I am also quite excited about the BBC TV adaptation of The Man in the High Castle, one of my favourite novels, which will be a four-part mini-series that Ridley Scott will executive produce. As well as these, I plan to seek out the graphic novel prequels to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The series, titled Dust to Dust, follows android tracker Charlie Victor after the end of World War Terminus but before the events of Philip K. Dick's novel.

Hope you enjoyed the blogathon and it has inspired you to check out some of this great science fiction writer's work, or at least watch the movie adaptations.

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